Services and Prices


Booking our service as spell-casters and rootworkers requires a prior
free consultation. We will analyze your situation with the help of a card deck and a pendulum (we are also professional dowser
), carefully tailoring spells, prayers, and actions to your specific case. When we seek an answer to our questions, we also go into a light trance and directly ask our Spirit Guides.

Prices: if you want to hire us, for any kind of rootwork service we apply a flat rate of 180 US dollars per month, all included (candle spells, honey jar spells, lodestone spells and whatever is useful.) We work daily on the chosen project with our tools and rootwork techniques, as spell casting needs a lot of attention. You will send us the regular updates of the situation and we will develop the rootwork in the best way. We will regularly send the photos of the spells that we work for you.

With this flat rate system, often we have much better results than when you purchase our spells one by one:  we feel free to do whatever necessary for the particular situation, and this helps a lot. In the long run, it is also less expensive for the client.

If after one month we don’t fix the thing and you don’t want to spend your money for a longer “treatment”, we will send you at no extra cost all the needed instructions to continue the spell by yourself. In this way the rootwork will not be interrupted and you will save money while learning something useful.

A short disclaimer: we cannot, of course, guarantee results, any more than a doctor or lawyer can guarantee results in a medical or legal case. What we promise to do is to perform in the most professional way the work for which we have been contracted.