Spiritual Cleansing


The long distance cleansing that we perform is very deep and can help the client to improve in almost every field of his/her life. Often we are victims of our own negative thought forms, self-sabotage, unpleasant memories, detrimental mental programs, etc. etc. Old traumas and sufferings can affect our lives in a non-beneficial way. We can also have an active curse on us, or other forms of negativity. In my long distance cleansing I clear all these things.

We use a variety of cleansing techniques from the Hoodoo, Latin American and Hindu traditions, as well as several methods used in shamanism and in radionics.

First of all we analyze the situation of the client with our pendulum dowsing and card reading, and for every subject we tailor a personalized treatment. After that we clean the aura, ground and center the client, clear the chakras and remove any curse or other forms of negativity that could be there. In the following stage we see if there are negative programs or memories and do our best to remove them, etc. etc. We also do a general clearing of the house and of the working place of the client: if we clean our subtle system but spend several hours a day in a negative place we probably cannot go too far.

On top of that we put a very strong protection on the client.

Before, during and after the treatment we regularly measure all the energy levels of the person and of the places with a dowsing chart. We are always VERY precise and never casual: spiritual cleansing is the first and most important thing in all our practices.

To perform our long distance spiritual cleansing we need a photo of the client. For the houses the address is enough.