Right from the start, Reverend Fred impressed me with his knowledge and sincerity – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for. I needed an effective solution to a problem in my neighborhood and he had the right solution. There is no longer a problem and I am finally at peace. Thank you Fred for all that you do. – D.V. (USA)

I contacted Miss Marguerite through a common friend. I was struggling with my soccer career and repeated injuries. Some Marabouts in Senegal had done a lot of protection and success work for me, but somehow things were not right. I was feeling I needed some healing work, something different. With her very down-to-earth approach Miss Marguerite took my case and, believe it or not, after less than a month I got a very good contract with a professional soccer team. Since then my career has been successful. – S. T.  – Soccer player (France and Senegal)

Dear Rev. Fred, I have some good news. I believe that because of the cleansing you did for me, there was justice made. About six years ago, I was kidnapped by my ex boyfriend and he threatened to kill me. It was a very bad experience. I felt that the court did not take my case seriously and only gave him one year in prison and two years on probation. Since then, I have always been afraid that he would do the same thing to me again. Just a few days ago on the news in Wisconsin, he was caught by the police for rape, kidnapping, running from the police, and other charges. His bail is set for $100,000 and he may be facing a 20-30 year sentence in prison. I believe that justice was served because of the cleansing you did!!!! Thanks. – L. P. (USA)

I am very thankful to Miss Marguerite for having been present at a very tough time of my life. Her accurate readings and powerful Spiritual Works have helped me shed light on certain professional and personal issues. With her reassuring yet direct comments she helped me to build self-confidence and awareness. – A. V.  – Social Worker (India)

Just a note to let you know that I’ve had some really great results with those distance-cleansing tips you shared with me last year. I highly recommend Rev. Fred for distance uncrossing and protection work, folks! –  Karma Zain – Rootworker (USA)

“Most of my work starts with a good cleansing and spiritual healing.” These are the first words Miss Marguerite shared with me. I had contacted her for a love spell. I wanted my ex to come back at any cost, I was desperate and heart-broken. Miss Marguerite replied that sometimes what we want isn’t the best option for us. I then asked her to just work on my spiritual healing and on attracting the best partner . Soon after I met someone who is now my husband. I am happy and strongly recommend Miss Marguerite. She is patient, a good listener and an incredible adviser and healer. – T. R. – Performing Artist (Italy)

Reverend Fred is more than just a rootworker. His guidance is practical and spiritual, so he works for you in more ways than just spell casting. He also gave me good common sense advice and didn’t sugar coat anything or make false promises. He was always there when I needed him with patience and kind words. He gets the job done. – S. B. -Lawyer (UK)

Miss Marguerite is a young and talented rootworker and healer. Thanks to her help I solved a pending court case involving family members, and was able to heal the emotional wounds deriving from it. – A. R. – Performing Artist (Italy)

I was looking for a long-term love relationship, but everything looked so difficult… Thanks to Rev. Fred’s rootwork I found the perfect mate. I’m thrilled! –  L.A. – Dancer (France)

My fears were blocking me and my couple was unhappy. As a newly married woman in India, I didn’t know with whom I could share my fears and doubts. I then came across Miss Marguerite. After a few preliminary readings, we pointed out which were the problems to be worked on. And here I am, two years later, happily married, less confused and confident about the future. – A. S. – Executive (India)

I lost my husband and decided to sell our beautiful villa. The price was very honest, but for two years nobody looked interested in buying it. I asked Rev. Fred to help. He immediately found that my unconscious attachment to the house was sabotaging the sale. He prepared a mojo bag and fixed a couple of his pebbles, to decrease my attachment and help the business. Two weeks later a very distinguished gentleman of the city came and asked if I was interested in selling my house… Thank you Rev. Fred for such an excellent job! –  F. V. – Singer (France)

If I need a reading and a Spiritual Work, it’s Miss Marguerite I contact. She is precise, grounded and always helps me to see the bright and funny aspects of each situation. Thanks to her I feel lighter each time. – C. B. – Executive  (France)

I had several health problems, I was weak and overweight. Rev. Fred found that my dis-ease had a spiritual origin: my working place was filled up with negativity and I was victim of a curse. He cleared the premises and unjinxed me with a long-distance limpia (spiritual cleansing). Since then my health has improved a lot, most of my allergies are gone and I lost weight: now I feel strong and happy ! –  A.M. – Musician (Italy)

In my job I felt stuck in the mud, with no hope of obtaining a promotion. Rev. Fred root-worked on my case. After a while… the miracle! My boss told me that she was leaving and asked me to take her place… WOW! – S.S. – Psychologist (Italy)

“Some years ago my daughter tried to commit suicide and I was in a very difficult financial situation. With the help of Rev. Fred’s rootwork my girl got rid of her depression and I found a new job. – S.G. – Performing Art Manager (Sweden)